Ellen Zweig¡¯s interview 
Ellen Zweig¡¯s interview Date: March 5, 2013 Location: Swatch Art Peace Hotel Ellen Zweig¡¯s Worksho
Natasha Rosling¡¯s interview 
Natasha Rosling¡¯s interview Date: May 31, 2012 Location: FCAC Shanghai Interviewer: Li Xiaofei
Adam¡¯s interview 
Adam Parker Smith Adam¡¯s interview Location: New York Workshop Interviewer: Shen Ruijun Recordi
Nancys interview 
Nancys interview Location:£ºNew York Bryan¡¯s Workshop Interviewer£ºShen Ruijun Recording:£ºZhang J
Bryan¡¯s interview 
Bryan¡¯s interview Location: New York Bryan¡¯s Workshop Interviewer: Shen Ruijun Recording: Zhang
Per H¨¹ttner¡¯s Interview 
Date: 18th June 2010 Location: Fei Contemporary Art Center Interviewer: Li Xiaofei Type in Trans
Per H¨¹ttner¡¯s Interview 
Date: May 20, 2010 Location: London, England Interviewer: Wang Dan Type in Translator in English
Elke Marhoefer Interview 
I like to entitle works, to use this possibility to add something to the work which doesn¡¯t explai
Ellen Zweig Interview 
I think the first one was putting the water into the sea ¨C that was a kind of beginning. And takin
Xu tan interview 
Date: July 31, 2008 Location: Liberia Borges Institute for Contemporary Art Interviewer: Man-y
Daniel Knorr Interview 
Ich glaube der K¨¹nstler ist auerhalb der Gesellschaft. Er hat eine Aufgabe, die die Funktion der G
Luo Mingjun interview 
Imbroglio between the self-identification and the identity limit Date: Jan. ¨C Mar. 2009 Way of
Chen Tong Interview 
Date: July 29, 2008 Location: Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art Interviewer: Man Yu
Yip Lap Wing Interview 
Production process and the point of existence are equally important issues. My cabinet is not produc
Bao Dong Interview 
If we talk about the humanity from the humanistic perspective, I think it¡¯s a false thing for th
Jin Jiangbo¡¯s interview 
Jin Jiangbo: Yes. We have seen many good works in foreign countries, but you are not moved. Surely,
Jin Feng¡¯s interview 
Date: Aug 25, 2008 Location: Home of Jin Feng, Zhenbei Road, Shanghai Interviewers: Man Yu, Li Xia
Shu Yang Interview 
The art¡¯s sales should support you to create works more personal, and make your exploration contin
Wu wei¡¯s interview 
Contemporary art is a new kind of social science research rather than a kind of art. I think that
Zhu Luming¡¯s interview 
Zhu Luming¡¯s interview Zhu Luming: Absolutely! With biennales and triennales becoming more and mo
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