Think Again 
Think Again Shanghai Hangzhou21-28 May 2012 Program 21 May 6 pm Press conference and official opening of Think Again in Shanghai in collaboration with the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai. 22 May Olav Westphalen starts his performance/production at Mingshen Museum. Olafur Jonsson hosts private sessions at Fei Cont
JETLAG In the course of the Year of Chinese Culture in Germany and on the occasion of the partnership between China and the 2012 Hannover Industrial Trade Fair, Chinese artists will be presenting their multimedia stances on 5,000 m of exhibition area in Hall 6 of the fair, in the foyer of Hannover’s University of A
FCAC Video Project 
Jan 01, 2012 The Solicitation Letter of 2012 FCAC Video Project Distinguished Artists, FCAC Video Project will attend, as an independent project, the Jetlag Show: China-Germany Multimedia Contemporary Art Exhibition in Hannover, Germany on April 22, 2012. We welcome you to submit video works. Affix Part 1: A
Homeless Shanghai Milovan DeStil Markovic 
In Homeless project, Markovic deals with an opposite politics of representation that involves the production of invisibility of a particular social group – homeless men. In undoing such politics, Markovic conceived of an ongoing project of contextual art practice that has so far been performed in Tokyo 2002, Belgra
TRAFFIC ART-HIGHWAY. Contemporary Art 
Opening : September 10, 2010 ( friday) at 15:00 to 20:00exhibition date: September 10 ,2010- September 25 , 2010Opening hours: 11:00-18h00 ( Monday closed)venue : 709 Lingshi Road , Building N°61, Shanghai , ChinaOrganizer: Le Pavé Dans La Mare / Contemporary Art Center/ FranceCurator: Corinne LAPPArtists: Nicola
Truth-Work of Ge Lei and Man Yu 
Opening:September 10th, 2010(Friday)at18:00Exhibition date: September 10th-25th, 2010 (Sunday,Monday closed)Venue: 709 Lingshi Road, Building No. 40-2F. Shanghai. China. (Near Wanrong Road) Artists: Ge Lei, Man YuArt Director: Li XiaofeiOrganizer: Fei Contemporary Art Center(FCAC)
Cant Help Crying with Happiness - Wu Ye Solo Exhi 
What is happiness? Is it only the warm chemical power inside our body? Or is everything just metaphor, reality and illusion? Remove all the descriptions of our experience and try to revert some illusionary parts of the instant reality through the sense of touch. As for happiness, perhaps it’s just the ice cream for
Sister Cities-Dreaming Alike Oceans Apart Two-Person Exhibition “Sister Cities-Dreaming Alike Oceans Apart” Artists Exhibited: Lynn Marie Kirby Li Xiaofei Video, Photography and Installation May 6-April 17, 2010 Opening Reception: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 5-7 p.m. San Francisco, January 14, 2010 Togon
"Imminent" Per Hüttner Solo Exhibition 
Imminent - Per Hüttner Solo Exhibition Strange premonitions about transformations are growing in the minds of people across the globe. Virtually every human being shares a sense that a great change is imminent. It makes everyone act in unexpected ways and trigger conflict where peace recently was taken for granted.
"11071.9600114143 km" Liu Guangyun Solo Exhibition 
"11071.9600114143 km" Liu Guangyun Solo Exhibition Germany, Kempen city, Von Behring Street No.11 and Shanghai, Jufeng Road 1589, House 210 are two home addresses for artist Liu Guangyun, which crossed through in a time frame of 19 years. During these years his individual experience was tremendously enriched, bein
Man Yu Solo Exhibition 
Elke Marhoefer’s solo exhibition 
immigration humans plants animals ghosts (late afternoon confusion) Elke Marhfer’s solo exhibition In her first major solo exhibition in China, the Berlin based artist Elke Marhfer will introduce primarily new works specifically conceived for the exhibition. In the main room of the FCAC, she will install a number of
a u – Contemporary Art Exhibition 
Opening:Sep 05, 2009(Saturday) at 16:00 a u – Contemporary Art Exhibition In Chinese pinyin, “a” and “u” are often used as endings. Their pronunciation and characteristics are the following: “a” requires you to open your mouth wide and your tongue is in the back of your mouth; “u” on the other hand, requires you
Interrupt - Contemporary Art Exhibition 
Opening:April 11, 2009(Saturday) at 15:30 Interrupt - Contemporary Art Exhibition To interrupt is to create ‘pause’ within the flow of a discourse or action. It is counter to what is being said or done simply by means of being an obstacle. When we propose this exhibition, it is not to light the way for some gra
Opening: Feb 21, 2009(Saturday) at 15:30 Exhibition Date: Feb 22,2009 – Mar 15, 2009 Open time: 11:00 am – 18:30 pm (Monday closed) Venue: 709 Lingshi Road, Building No. 40-2F. Shanghai. China. Artist: Yip Lap Wing (Germany) Curator: Li Xiaofei Assistant Curator: Zhang Li Designer: Guo Qingling
We sincerely thank you for your attention and support to Fei Contemporary Art Center all the time! the new year is coming. We wish you a happy and healthy new year! The Fei Art Center will be closed from Jan 22 to Feb 1, 2009. On Feb 2,2009 we will be back in the office. Please call in emergency under: Chinese
AWAKE, ASLEEP Daniel Knorr’s Solo Exhibition 
AWAKE, ASLEEP Daniel Knorr’s Solo Exhibition Opening: November o1, 2008. (Saturday) 15:30 pm AWAKE, ASLEEP Daniel Knorr’s Solo Exhibition The work is a continous communication with the public and consists of switching on and off an electronic device (e.g. LED, a lightbox, a lightning space or
Sep 6, 2008 Rumors - Contemporary Art Exhibition 
Opening: Sep 6, 2008 (Saturday) at 15:30 Rumors - Contemporary Art Exhibition This exhibition began with the old question: artists, curators, critics, how do each of them fundamentally understand art? The precondition of art is the foundation of artworks. This understanding determines the basic features o
10. 06 .2008 we have moved! 
10. 06 .2008 we have moved! Lao Humin Road to No. 709, Lingshi Road Dear Friends: We sincerely thank you for your long-term attention and support to Fei Contemporary Art Center! For the government’s removal plan of the original place of Fei Contemporary Art Center, we have moved since the 10th of june to t
FCAC Self-taught Scheme 
FCAC Self-taught Scheme About fcac What is non-art? It means the amateur art instead of.the professional and experienced art The advantage of the system of amateur schemer 1 . ensure the direction and personality of each exhibition 2. promise the artists decision depend on himself , the independence of the cr
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